Posted by: Thida | November 5, 2013

Being Zen

I was interviewed recently for an article for La Presse + about being healthy and Zen (for those who have an IPad, you can read the article in French here).

Being a dietitian/nutritionist and all, I’m all for talking about eating healthily and having an active lifestyle. But talking about being Zen? Me? Really? I thought to myself that this is the time when lying is necessary.

Reflecting back on the two years I lived in Honduras I think I can divide my time as such:

  • The first year: patience, listening, understanding, nodding my head. All of that.
  • The second year: shit hits the fan! Explosion, frustration, exhaustion.  (Heck, one of my nicknames in Honduras was “Tsunami”…says a lot doesn’t it?)

Does this look like the portrait of someone who is Zen? Not remotely!

Even coming back to Montreal I’m having issues.

I can’t deal with traffic. It drives me crazy! Hear me out. In San Lorenzo, Honduras, it took me four minutes to walk to work. The most traffic I could get was perhaps if the old man selling coconut in his wheeled cart was a little slow.

Before that, I worked from home for four years.  So let’s just say that it’s been a while since I dealt with a daily commute. Traveling back and forth, day in and day out, for 1 or 2 or 3 hours a day is beyond me!

It’s also such a headache to try to see friends. In San Lorenzo, I didn’t have much to do. It’s not like there was a yoga centre where I could go take classes, or a cinema, or a coffee shop…you get the point. So when it was time to see friends all you had to do was pick up the phone and call. Most likely they’re not doing anything either…since we live in the same town! Within an hour, we are together. There! Done!

In Montreal it’s a little more complicated. People have activities. Their children have activities.  We need 5 e-mails, 3 Facebook messages, 16 text messages and one doodle calendar survey to figure out a date and time. Once we figure that out, we need to determine a place! Argh!

So yah… I admit. I lose my cool sometimes. Just a little bit.

So going back to being Zen…Well, I’m working on it. Sleep helps me. Exercise and a balanced diet help me. Being with friends and family is essential.

And I have to laugh about it. I laugh at myself. I know that I’m ridiculous, that I’m a little crazy. So I laugh.

There was something I forgot to mention while I was doing the interview for the article. My mom always used to say that it was important to laugh. When I was little, she told me that when you laugh you live one more year. In other words, it keeps you young.  When I was a kid though, I took this literally so I think I should live until I’m about 327 years old, give or take.

Thanks mom for giving me the ability to laugh.


  1. Lol! This post is hilarious! Thank you for making me laugh. :) But I can understand your frustration about the ‘overcomplicated’ process of trying to meet up with people. Seriously?!?! Congratulations for understanding what it means to live the ‘simple life’. The frustration that you feel is just an indication that you’ve moved past it which means you’re closer to zen than you think. ;) Trust me.

    • Thanks for the comment Lisa and for trying to convince me that I could be Zen. Just trying to keep it simple :)

  2. Ah Thida, I feel your pain. I hate all the work it needs to set up some fun/ visiting with friends and when something happens almost spontaneously, it is a gift. I think Tsunami is a proper name for you! Great to hear from you. Keep writing. Corinne

    • Thanks Corinne! Glad that you also like my nickname! Hope all is well with you!

  3. I love it Thida. I know Honduras is total different but you made it so cool! Remember Chinita Langueña Too! People really like you!

    • gracias amiga! Sí!!! me encanta el apodo “La Chinita Langueña”! Les extraño mucho. Un abrazo fuerte

  4. C’est bon d’avoir de tes nouvelles ma chère Thida! Tu me fais penser qu’il serait grand temps de se voir… même si cela implique pas mal d’organisation pour réunir les ex-DDM! Clin d’œil à toi et à notre course éternelle contre la montre et par le fait même, à tout ce qui nous complique la vie et nous fait perdre notre précieux temps!! :)

    • En effet, il faudrait bien qu’on se voie! On se fera un calendrier doodle pour se trouver une date! Bises

  5. I loved your post – and comparisons with life in Montreal and Honduras… you have a gift for the gab… Keep laughing lol

    • Awh! Thanks Sandra. Appreciate the feedback! Having to live with myself, I have tons of reason to laugh! So I think I’m good!

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