Posted by: Thida | June 18, 2013

In Memory of Their Lives…

I’ve written about the tough lives that many women in Honduras go through (click here to read my post Soy una Mujer Hondureña). Besides from being the country with the highest rate of homicides in the world, excluding countries at war, Honduras also have also have an alarming rate of femicides (the killing  of women).

Between 2003 and 2007 the number of men murdered in Honduras rose by 50%. During the same period the number of women murdered in Honduras increased by 160%.

One woman is killed every 15 hours and yet less than 2% of cases are investigated.

There is a campaign here in Honduras called the National Campaign Against Femicide, supported by Oxfam. On Wednesday, June 19th, the Campaign will be staging a mock tribunal, bringing together judges and human rights lawyers to showcase real life stories of murder and institutional paralysis. The mock tribunal will also shine the spotlight on the glaring failings of the criminal justice system and the complicity – direct and indirect – of the police and the state.

The Campaign also published a video and I invite you to share it with your network to help spread the message.

Let’s end impunity against violence and show solidarity with the 3,000 mothers, daughters and sisters who have been violently killed in the last decade, by hearing their stories on the 19th of June. The mock tribunal can be viewed via live streaming at

“In memory of their lives, we will not allow their deaths to go unpunished”


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