Posted by: Thida | September 30, 2012

One Year, Four Months, Seven Days…And…?

I have been in Honduras for one year, four months and seven days…but who’s counting? I’ve been going through many ups and downs especially relating to work. I think it’s safe to say that many of my colleagues have been going through the same.

In April and May, many international volunteers left, which include some of my very dear friends. My two bosses also finished their contract and left Honduras. So we were orphans for a while, lost in a quiet office.

At the end of May, our new bosses arrived. And boom! What a change! We hit the ground running! Big time!

Many of you might remember that I was pretty depressed when we heard that we could no longer travel to Langue as we wanted (click here to read this post). This situation slowed down my work quite substantially – to be quite honest, I thought it killed it. My new boss, seeing this situation and trying to prevent me from dying of boredom, offered me a new role: Advisor in organizational development.

So what do I do now? Put simply, I’m doing management work. I support (or coach) local NGOs in the organizational development. For example, I’ve helped organizations write project proposals, review budgets, develop job descriptions, etc. This has been a great way to connect with many local NGOs and to try to understand their reality.

I’m also helping out with the supervision and mentoring of new interns who just arrived from Canada. Of course, I don’t do this alone, which is great because I honestly love working in teams.

Does this mean that I’ve completely put aside my health and nutrition role? Absolutely not. Would you believe it if I told you that the nutrition project has also officially started in August. Finally! After one year, four months and seven days in Honduras – but who’s counting?!

Right now, I’m working hard in forming a committee composed of representatives from the community, the health centre, the local school, the municipal office and Fundacion Simiente (our local NGO partner). The hope is that this committee will be empowered enough to take some leadership and help shape and monitor the project. We are also training them and providing them tools with that respect.

In other words, I’ve been busy. My work production went from 0% (ok, perhaps more like 25%) to 110% in a few weeks. And I’m loving it!

So…because of all these positive changes, I’ve decided to prolong my contract which means that instead of leaving in January I’ll be staying in Honduras until July 2013. It’s just six months but I hope that it might be enough for me to feel that I’ve accomplished something at the end of all this, or at the very least that I’ve learned and grown.

Note: I wrote this blog post on Saturday, September 29, in El Cuco, El Savador. I don’t want to rub it in or anything (but I will anyway!) here’s my view while I was writing this blog post. Can’t complain!

My view while I’m writing this post


  1. Hi Thida: So glad to hear that things have turned around for you and that the nutrition project is now officially up and running! You sound energized by your new role.

    • Thanks guys!

  2. Tu vas au bout de tes projets et j’admire ta détermination. Bravo mon amie! Bon ‘derniers’ 6 mois! Marianne XXX

    • Merci Marianne! C’est très gentil. Bisous xo

  3. Hi Thida – beautiful! It was great to read your blog after just talking with you last week. You’re amazing!

    • Awh! Lynda! That’s so sweet! I was really pleased to speak with you too!

  4. That is great Thida. So happy to hear. It is amazing how things can change so significantly with one little (or big) thing. :) Glad that you toughed it out. It must have been hard to past little while as well as being an orphan but now it sounds like things are great. Ah life. You never know how things are going to unfold!

    • Well put Lisa!

  5. Allo Thida,

    Heureux de voir que tu te portes bien. C’est vraiment inspirant de te lire!

    Bon courage! Je (on) pense à toi!


    • Merci Bob! Je pense à vous aussi. Gros bisous!

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