Posted by: Thida | May 6, 2012

Easter in Antigua, Guatemala

I traveled to Guatemala during Easter break with my friend Lizzette. We were lucky to be in Antigua just in time for the Semana Santa (Holy Week) celebration. Antigua is such a lovely colonial town surrounded by volcanoes.

So many colours, so many religious processions, so many…people!   People gather here not only to visit the city and assist at the religious ceremonies but also to actively play a role in the many processions during this week (they need to pay the church for that, obviously). It was quite impressive!

Procession at night

Procession at night on Good Friday. This represent the death of Jesus. Notice the moon in the sky? Kind of gloomy!

Good Friday procession with, of course, Jesus.

Procession. There were many during Semana Santa. The high point was Good Friday

Alfombras (“carpets” made of flowers and grass) are placed all around the city during Holy Week

People making alfombras

Alfombras (again with Jesus)

Church La Merced, Antigua


  1. Allo Thida, Belles photos!

    • Merci Chantal!

  2. Wonderful pictures Thida. Thanks for sharing these.

    • Thanks Lynda!

  3. Jesus was cruxified on Friday and was ressurrected on the third day, Sunday. He died for redeem us from our sin. “For God so love the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him sall not perish but have eternal life” (Jn 3:16).
    The church (visible building) is a call from God to come to him.
    If you are looking for a real meaning of life, respond yes to the calling.
    with love

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