Posted by: Thida | March 30, 2012

Loving Mangoes

C’est la saison des mangues ici au Honduras. Je crois que j’en mange au moins une à tous les jours depuis presque un mois. Et je ne m’en lasse pas!

Honnêtement, est-ce qu’il y a quelqu’un qui n’aime pas les mangues? Impossible!

One day when we ran out of electricity at the office, my colleague decided to fish for mangoes in the back yard of the office... just to pass time

I needed mangoes to make a chicken curry mango recipe. I forgot to buy mangoes but luckily my landlords were able to provide me with 3 huge mangoes from our garden

During a rare visit in the communities, I met Carla in Toncontin. She was picking up mangoes in front of her house. She told me she loves mangoes. Who doesn't?


  1. You do appreciate that without electricity your computers won’t work… and come to think about it, your wifi network won’t work either. I call that a serious issue :-)

    • Hey Mark! Great to hear from you! Yup, the electricity issue is quite frustrating at times. But hey, when you can deal with it by picking up mangoes in the back yard, it ain’t so bad! ;) …Woah…Am I becoming zen now??

  2. Hi Thida – how awesome just to get fresh mangoes in your back yard! Yummy. Hope things have brightened up for you with your project. I felt so sad reading about all the barriers you were encountered. Not unusual but understandably very discouraging!

    Wish I could share your chicken mango curry – sounds delish!

    Sending best wishes…

    • Hi Lynda! Thanks for your message. That’s very sweet of you! Things are still the same with the project. There’s nothing I can do but keep a positive attitude about it. :)
      I’ll post my chicken curry mango recipe on my next post…so we can share it virtually ;)
      Take care now xox

  3. Thida, I remember having one of my first ever mangos fresh in Jamaica during mango season – thought I’d gone to heaven. Nothing like the rather hard and tasteless ones we often see here. Chicken curry mang – Hmm was wondering what to make for dinner!

    • Right? You can’t beat fresh mangos! Thanks for writing Corinne. I hope that all is well with you. xo

  4. Hi Thida:

    Good to see your blog! Haven’t read your postings for a while but I am all caught up now. I am sorry to hear that your project is facing so many barriers. You went with high aspirations and while the experience of living there is amazing, you went with a purpose that you’ve not been able to fully realize.

    I’ve never had a fresh mango like that (time to visit the Caribbean). Even so, love the frozen version, which I include (defrosted of course) with my morning muesli and yogurt.

    All the best to you Thida! Frances

    • Hi Frances! Great to hear from you. Thanks for your comment. Much appreciated!

      Yup, nothing beats fresh (in my case, they were REALLY fresh) mangos.

      Take care now xox

  5. Love your pictures or your solution – you really lightened (brightened up) your day! Always great to hear about your escapades!

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