Posted by: Thida | December 16, 2011

Nativity Scene Honduran Style

A quick note to wish you all Happy Holidays and an excellent New Year, full of fun, love, success and happiness!

I’ll be heading off on vacation soon and will be reporting back in the New Year. Before I leave you I wanted to share some pictures of a nativity scene done by my neighbours and landlords, Profesora Iris and Don Donaldo.

Alexandre, my colleague who works in social communication, and I went to interview them (I’ll share the link of the video as soon as it’s available). Apparently Iris and Donaldo’s nativity scene is the most famous one in San Lorenzo. They will open it to the public Sunday — it’s still not finished, believe it or not! — so we were really lucky to have an exclusive look at it.

As you will see, not only does their work include the typical nativity scene but other biblical scenes, as well as a representation of life in San Lorenzo. Increíble!!

Nativity scene in the house of Iris and Donaldo/ Crèche dans la maison de Iris et Donaldo

A replica of San Lorenzo: the church, city hall/ Une réplique de San Lorenzo: l'église, l'hôtel de ville

Interview with Profesora Iris done by Alexandre/ Entrevue avec Profesora Iris menée par mon collègue Alexandre

Don Donaldo and Profesora Iris with their Christmas tree/ Don Donaldo et Profesora Iris avec leur arbre de Noël

Felices Fiestas from me and Santa. Central Plaza of San Lorenzo during the Feria Gastronomica/ Felices Fiestas de ma part et du Père Noël. Place centrale de San Lorenzo durant la Feria Gastronomica


  1. Whooo that is a pink tree!! Enjoy your vacation.

    • Thanks Janice!! Happy Holidays to you and your family! xo

  2. Happy Holidays!

    • Thanks Suzanne! Same to you! xox

  3. Merry Christmas! Love reading your posts!

  4. Amazing nativity scene; reminds me that I have not yet set up my creche (it’s a Mexican carved set)! Best wishes for your holidays.

  5. Joyeuses fêtes Thida. Au plaisir de se revoir un bon jour! ☺


  6. Hi Thida,

    That is quite an amazing piece of work! I also love the santa sleigh in the middle of the sunny square. Hope you have a grand vacation and all the best to you for the holidays and the coming year. Merry Christmas, Corinne

  7. Have enjoyed your interesting blogs over the year. The pictures remind me of a couple of trips I have had to Mexico over the holiday season.

    Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

  8. Hi Thida,

    always love to read about your impressions. Can’t wait to visit! Hope you had wonderful holidays and wishing you all the best for the new year. Will have to update you when you get back.

    Doris xx

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