Posted by: Thida | October 26, 2011

Let The Music Play

Weather in the South of Honduras has been a little better the past few days. It was nice to see the sun today.

While the South is trying to recover from the damages caused by the floods, the North is now dealing with heavy rains caused by hurricane Rina that is passing through the Caribbean’s.

The Comisión Permanente de Contigencias (Copeco), the government body responsible for the surveillance and the response to emergencies and natural disasters, released these statistics on the 20th of October:

  • Number of deaths: 29
  • People affected : 69,798
  • People evacuated: 12,601
  • Houses destroyed or affected: more than 3,000

And there are more numbers regarding the damages done to bridges, schools, roads, water systems, etc.

We are really lucky that San Lorenzo hasn’t been too affected. At times, I feel disconnected from the whole situation, living inside my dry apartment or working comfortably in the office.

In the spirit of resilience I’d like to end this blog post with music since this is such a big part of the Latin American culture.

Ojala que llueva café (May It Rain Coffee). A classic from Juan Luis Guerra, a singer from the Dominican Republic, whom we was saw in concert in Tegucigalpa last Saturday. I’m sure Hondurans would prefer it if rained coffee instead of water at this point! I listen to this song and I think of all the little producers who lost most, if not all, their crops and I hope for them that they will recover.


And here a recent song called Latinoamérica from Calle 13, a group from Puerto Rico. A great video and song. An ode to Latin America and its people.



“Soy Latinoamerica, un pueblo sin piernas pero que camina. Vamos caminando” – Calle 13 

(I am Latin America, a people without legs but that still walks. Let’s go on walking.)


  1. Hi Thida – love your blog and always look forward to your posts. It’s great to hear this music and see the videos! Thanks for continuing to share your experiences.

    • Hi Lynda. Thank you for the very nice comment! I’m glad you liked the music! Take care now xo

  2. Hey Thi !

    Yeah, great idea with the music post, it is always so refreshing to hear new music.

    I was so surprised to see Calle 13, I knew them for their crazy nonsense lyrics and songs, I really didnt know they could actually be a serious group !

    • Thanks Mo! I like calle 13. I agree that this particular song is a little different from what they usually do! xox

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