Posted by: Thida | October 17, 2011

Back to Honduran Reality

I just had a wonderful vacation in Montreal. Ten days in my home town with friends and family (I miss you all already!). That’s one good thing about living abroad: you appreciate home a little more every time you come back.

It’s weird how culture shock hits you only when you go back home:

  • I bought a fruit cup at the Miami Airport. $4!!! I can buy 20 oranges for $1 in San Lorenzo. I know that airport food is expensive but still!
  • It’s so great to be able to throw toilet paper in the toilet bowl and not in a trash can full of used toilet paper (I know it’s gross, I’m sorry).
  • It’s wonderful to be able to drink tap water.
  • It’s divine to take a shower with hot water in the morning. I think that’s what I miss the most.
  • It’s a dream to have access to such a variety of food!

Pasta dinner the night before I head back to Honduras

Talking about food, I really took advantage of my stay in Montreal to eat as many different foods as possible…a Portuguese chicken sandwich on St-Laurent, bagels on St-Viateur, a chai latte on St-Denis, a shish taouk on Crescent, a Barros Luco on Fairmont, fresh baguette on Beaubien, Indian food on St-Catherine, Dim Sum in China Town, sushi in the Mile End, and of course, home cooked meals at home.



Now I’m back in San Lorenzo and reality hits hard.

Heavy rains have caused major flooding especially in the South of Honduras. In the departments of Choluteca and Valle (where I live), the government has issued red alerts.

There are reports of landslides and many bridges and roads have collapsed; access to the region is getting more and more difficult.

The Oxfam team is working on a humanitarian response and an emergency plan. We’re being cautious and avoiding all unnecessary travels.  Obviously our work is being compromised. We know that many homes in the region have been damaged and many farmers have lost their production of beans. All that work gone in the current.

To think that just 48 hours ago I was in Montreal having pasta with a glass of wine…What a contrast…

Making our way from Tegucigalpa to San Lorenzo. Visibility close to none

People making their way on foot because of the blocked road

Collapsed road on our way to San Lorenzo from Tegucigalpa


  1. Its too bad I missed you when you came, but I am sure you were well surrounded during your short stay. What a contrast you are living, it must be hard on you. Take it one day at a time… Lots of positive thoughts to you my dear Thida. Marianne XXX

    • Thanks Marianne! C’est très gentil. Oui, j’avoue que le retour est un peu difficile, mais comme tu dis, un jour à la fois et je reste positive! En passant, j’utilise le sac que tu m’as fait tous les jours! Je l’adore! Bisous xox

  2. Ohhhh bon courage ! Je t’envoie de bonnes ondes… fais attention à toi. xxx

    • Merci Geneviève! Oui, je fais attention. Tout va bien à San Lorenzo.

  3. It’s a nice feeling to be able to appreciate home whenever you are back there. Makes you realize that your home is in the right place. :) Btw, I am going to ask you for a list of recommended food places the next time I visit Montreal! ;)

    • Hi Lisa! Thanks for the comment! Yes, I really do appreciate Montreal much more!
      I will give recommendations of food places in Mtl with PLEASURE!!

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