Posted by: Thida | September 20, 2011

Parque Nacional La Tigra


Bonjour les amis! Voici quelques photos et une vidéo de notre fin de semaine dans le Parque Nacional La Tigra, au nord ouest de Tegucigalpa (3-4 septembre, 2011).

Une autre leçon apprise au cours de cette fin de semaine: prendre l’autobus peut être tout un sport.  Voici ce qu’on nous disait tout le weekend: « Le bus vient juste de partir! », suivi de « Le prochain bus est dans 3 heures ». Ou encore: « Oui, voici le bus et il part dans 15 minutes » (finalement, on attend 45 minutes dans le bus). Patience, patience, patience.



Hi folks! Here are a few pictures and a video of a weekend in Parque Nacional La Tigra, North-West of Tegucigalpa. (3-4 September, 2011)

Here’s another lesson I learned that weekend: taking the bus is much complicated than it seems. This is what we were told the whole weekend: “The bus just left” followed by “The next one is in 3 hours.” Or: “Yes, this is the right bus and it leaves in15 minutes” and we end up waiting 45 minutes. Patience, patience, patience.


A very nice man, a coffee producer, gave us a ride to the entrance of the park. Very rocky road as you will see!

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  1. Bonjour Thida: what a fabulous place to hike! And such a road to drive on… I will be in your home city this weekend with a friend. Will be thinking of you!

    • Hi Frances! Yes it was wonderful! Awh! So lucky! Have a wonderful weekend in beautiful Montréal! xox

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