Posted by: Thida | August 29, 2011

Honduran Kindness

Honduran Pastry filled with pineapple jam.

I just had an impromptu visit from my friend and Honduran colleague, José Manuel. He just came back from a trip to Tegucigalpa, the capital, which is 2 1/2 hours from San Lorenzo (SL).

While in the capital, José Manuel did some shopping and brought back  Honduran pastries filled with pineapple jam, Cinco Estrellas Honduran coffee (which literally means “five stars”) and fresh French bread (good bread is hard to find in SL).

He had a bag of these goodies for me! It was such a nice gesture! I couldn’t say thank you enough! Muchisimas gracias José Manuel! Muy, muy amable!!

I just had a taste of the pastry…DELICIOUS!

It was a great way to end my day after I scrapped my toe while walking home which happened after I battled an ant attack today in the office.

Note to self: do not leave anything sweet in your purse and then leave your purse open, and then leave your purse on the floor or else you end up with a purse full of ants!  (I forgot I had a coconut sweet in my purse!)

Second note to self: watch where you’re walking!

Third note to self: all is well… especially with wonderful friends.


  1. ¡Hola Thida qué diá! Tienes muchas cosas a aprender… Pero, ahora, sabes como atraer hormigas!
    A mi le gusta mucho leer todos los relatos que escribes. Me dan una buena idea de la vida allí.
    Como va tu projecto. Creo que tu español ya es muy bueno. Esto facilite seguramente tu integración a la comunidad.
    ¿No necessitas una redactora? A veces soño que trabajo con niños. Estoy pensando a tomar otros cursos, por ejemplo en sanidad o en enseñanza. Pero mientras tanto voy a leer tu relatos que son como inspiración,
    Hasta luego,

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