Posted by: Thida | July 9, 2011

Premier cours de cuisine hondurienne/ My first Honduran Cooking Lesson

Last Sunday,  Claudia, my ex Spanish teacher, invited me for a cooking lesson. Food and cooking was often a topic of our Spanish lessons so I was thrilled to be invited in a real Honduran kitchen. We made sopa de frijoles (red been soup).

I love soups! I used to make big batches of soup in Montreal. It’s the perfect type of dish where you can throw everything in there and you can rarely get it wrong.

So here are the ingredients: red beans, beef, yuca (a starchy root vegetable), green bananas, ripe plantain, cilantro, onion, especias (here, this is a mix of cumin and pepper), and of course salt. On the side: rice, tortilla and cheese.

Claudia usually cooks a big batch of red beans every week so she has them ready when needed. On the stove she had 5 lbs of beans boiling away, some of which were used for the soup.

Five pounds of red beans cooking away

In a separate pot, she cooked the beef in hot oil, just to give it a little colour. Then she added some of the liquid from the beans pot and some broth. Then cilantro, especias and salt went in the mix.

Chopping onions and cilantro

She let everything simmer  for a while and towards the end, she added the yuca, green bananas and plantains.

Sopa de frijoles simmering

So here’s the finale!  A red, hearty soup with lots of carbs and protein. It was perfect for a Sunday afternoon because all I felt like doing after eating this meal was take a nap. Delicioso!

The final result: sopa de frijoles plus rice and cheese on the side


  1. Delicioso,

    J’adore ce genre de mets!

    Bonne journée Thida,

    Jo xxx

    • Merci Jo! Bonne journée à toi aussi! xox

  2. Wow! that looks just interesting and yummy! I really expect my Southamerica travel!

    • Hi Jenny! Thanks for the comment! The soup was indeed delicious!

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