Posted by: Thida | June 22, 2011

The house with the pink walls

San Lorenzo is a very small town. I like the fact that I feel safe. I love the fact that I live close to everything: 5-minute walk from the office, 1 minute from the main street and the Old Market, 3 minutes away from the waterfront.

I still find it difficult to give my address. I guess it would help if I actually had an address! Street names and house numbers do not exist here. So it’s always a rough description which sounds like: “I’m in neighbourhood X. On the same street as the market. I live on the same lot as Señora X. Next to the square with no houses.  It’s the house with the pink walls.” And believe me, I’m not exaggerating. So if any of you are thinking of sending me something by mail, forget about it!

Surprisingly, people find my apartment. You should have seen me when I first took a taxi to go the office. The office’s address is: In the central neighbourhood, behind the Old market. That’s what we have on our business cards. But then the driver asked for more details and I was stumped! I don’t have a real map of the city – because such a thing doesn’t exist. Luckily, I had a hand-drawn map which a colleague of mine drew for me , so I used that to give more info to the driver.

"Map" of San Lorenzo

I’m talking about this because I made an appointment with someone, and she is meeting  me tomorrow at my house. I just hope she will be able to find it because I gave her the info over the phone and I couldn’t show her my “map”. Ya veremos (we’ll see!)


  1. C’est incroyable! Pas de google map ni de GPS au Honduras! Dire qu’ici, on ne peut pas vivre sans ces outils.. que de différences. En tout cas, c’est bon pour le vocabulaire descriptif!

    • Salut Marianne! En effet, très différente façon de vivre ici. C’est vrai que c’est un bon exercice de vocabulaire! xox

  2. My god sooo funny!!!! how do people there get their mail? Do they have mailman? Well i guess every country have their secret hahaha. Keepa up all your experience there i love reading them :)

    • Hey Khanh! I’m not sure people actually get mail here. :) People here are fine with this system, I just need to get used to it!

  3. Hi Thida – I love this! The same thing happened to Al and me when we were in Costa Rica in San Jose, the capital. We were told that people often describe where they live but description exactly has you’ve indicated – I live next to where the old xx store was – but of course, the old xx store isn’t there anymore so you would have had to be living there to know where it used to be!!
    Cheers, Lynda

    • Hi Lynda! Yes, not easy for us. Everyday, I look around my house to see if there’s anything else to add to my description. Hopefully I’ll get the hang of it!

  4. This is so interesting – hope that your friend finds you!!

    • Hi Sandra! My friend almost found me. We had to meet somewhere close by, in front of the big church. So close!

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