Posted by: Thida | June 11, 2011

¡Bienvenidos a mi casa!

¡Hola todos!

Sorry for not giving news sooner. I was pretty busy last week moving in my apartment, going around town to furnish it and attending my Spanish classes. If you want to see where I live, here’s a little video! What I didn’t show is the two geckos living in my apartment, I guess they were too camera shy! :)

¡Hasta pronto!



  1. Hi Thida – your place looks great! I just love your courtyard and all the lush greenery. The apartment is a little sparse with furniture but very roomy and looks like you have most everything you need. I even see a TV! Thanks for staying in touch.

    • Hi Lynda! Thanks for your message. Yes, I got everything I need. Well, almost. I’m still missing small items like a bedside table, desk and lamp, but otherwise all the essentials are there. I though you might like the courtyard too since you have a beautiful garden yourself!

  2. hi thida!

    Nice pick! The outside seems so peaceful and beautiful, wow. Good for you :) Do you get Wi-fi? lol.. Just kidding… With the laundry system you have now, you dont even need to workout your arm ny more!!! I can see you are enjoying the experience and i’m certain you already met good friends. People in the rural are tend to be so kind. Take care and thanks for sharing that video. reminds me alot of Madeira wher my grand parents lived
    :) xoxo

    • Hey mags! Yah, we’ll see how long I can keep doing my own laundry! I might hire someone, you know, so can I encourage the local economy too :) I agree with you, people in small towns are sooo nice and generous. I have great neighbours and they are very protective of me. xox

  3. Tu es resplendissante Thida! Et quelle cour magnifique, tout en verdure. Wow, tu vas être très bien et ça me semble très sécuritaire. Je suis contente pour toi. XXX

    • Salut Marianne! Merci! Oui, c’est vraiment génial ici et c’est très sécuritaire aussi. Bisous xox

  4. WOW! Beautiful location, a mango tree in the back yard doesnt get any better then that! Felicitations!
    You look very happy which is the most important.
    Good luck on such an amazing adventure, you show the world what dietitians really can do!

    Sarah xx

    • Thanks Sarah! Very nice of you!
      I didn’t mention all the fruit trees in the yard but there’s a banana tree, mango tree, lemon tree and orange tree. Yum!

  5. Hi Thida,
    I love your apartment. It’s very spacious and there is a lot of sunlight. And what a beautiful garden… a nice way to start and end your day! Love reading your posts and the video made it even more real!
    Hasta pronto chica!

    • Merci Lan! Hope everything is going well with you and the whole family xox

  6. Great video! It looks so warm and peaceful. What a great adventure!

    • Thanks Honey! Hope all is well with you! xo

  7. WOW Thida ! Merci pour cette belle visite guidée ! Tu me fais rêver ! Je lis tout tout tout ce que tu écris avec tellement d’intérêt ! Je suis super excitée pour toi. SVP, manges une livre de crevettes pour moi et je te remettrai les 1,50$ à ton retour (non mais c’est ridicule ce prix !) Be-bye, Geneviève

    • Merci pour beau commentaire Geneviève! C’est très gentil! Je vais manger une livre de crevettes pour toi avec plaisir! :) Bisous xox

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