Posted by: Thida | June 3, 2011

Things you see at breakfast but that you wouldn’t want to eat (well I wouldn’t)

Tortuga curiosa?

I was having breakfast on the patio of the hotel restaurant (as always) when I heard something near my feet. Turns out it was a turtle. It looked lost. It made me think of the turtle I have at home *sigh*. Yes folks, Jay and I have a HUGE turtle in Montreal. It keeps growing and growing, and It will soon take over our lives! After I took these pictures,  the waitress saw it, picked it up and placed it the garden. I wonder where it came from?

Turtle wandering at the hotel restaurant


  1. Thida,

    Dans ma famille, nous avion une tortue de 20 cm de diamètre, libre dans la maison, dont un entendait le toc toc de la carapace dans ses déplacements nocturnes. Elle s’appelait Joséphine. Malgré son bassin d’eau, elle n’a pas résisté très longtemps à l’air sec de nos maisons de ville.

    • wow! 20 cm de diamètre! C’est énorme! La nôtre n’est pas encore rendue là!

  2. Haha, too funny, I’m sure he was hangin’ out hoping for some left over food. If he comes back..toss him a few veggies. And FYI our turtle is bigger.


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